Bollywood Actors Who Surprised Us Last Year

By | February 3, 2018

Actors are people who know how to surprise just like the girls whom you can meet on There are several Bollywood actors who managed to impress us last year with their perfectionism, determination as well as with purposefulness or naivety.

Ravi Dubey frightened his admirers

In the media, there were photos of Ravi in which he was wearing a woman’s dress. Ravi decided not to test the patience of the audience and to explain everything. It turned out that he needed to practice wearing a sari for filming in one of the episodes of “King of Hearts”. According to the plot, his character, Siddharth Khurana, comes to one of the ceremonies to meet secretly with his beloved Roshni. The intrigue is that only ladies are allowed to attend the event. To carry out the plan, the guy has to dress up in a sari and pretend to be an old woman. According to Ravi Dubey, it was rather amusing to wear a sari but not so easy. However, he has learned from his own experience how difficult it is to be a woman.



Saumya Tandon fell victim to a Turkish swindler


Saumya Tandon

The soap opera actress of “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai” surprised her fans with her own frivolity and carelessness. A well-known actress allowed a Turkish taxi driver to pull the wool over her eyes while being on vacation in Istanbul. One evening, the girl needed to get from the city center to the southern outskirts. She decided not to call a taxi and just took the first cab on the road. As it turned out later, the counter did not work in the car, and the taxi driver just came up with the fare. According to the actress, that price was overcharged. Saumya did not start arguing and give him the demanded payment in lyres. However, the local currency did not suit the taxi driver, and he demanded to pay in euros. While the girl was looking for suitable currency notes, the swindler took that moment to steal about 1000 euros. She decided not to notify the police as well as not to be very upset because of the incident. She simply used public transport and made herself a promise to be more circumspect in the future.

Nikhil Chaddha changed his name

The performer of one of the main roles in the popular TV series “Kahani Hamari … Dil Dosti Deewanepan Ki” Nikhil Chaddha, stopped liking his own name in the run-up to the filming. The actor decided to change it to Reyansh, and at the same time, to take another last name, Bhatia. He explained that Chaddha is the surname of his father who left them with his mother when he was very young and did not participate in the later life of the family. The actor decided to take his mother’s surname, Bhatia, and he did that on the mother’s birthday. And a new name Reyansh is a more suitable astrological name.

Karan Singh Grover became one of the Highest paid serial actors

The shooting day of this 35-year-old handsome man has estimated at least 80 thousand rupees. He is one of the most expensive serial actors in India. Grover gained fame after participating in the popular soap opera “Dill Mill Gayye” that was released in 2007. The luck was with the young actor, despite the fact that he hadn’t made any effort to get a positive reputation. Colleagues spoke unkindly of Grover as of a terrible lazy man who had sabotaged the work of the whole team. However, he immediately got one of the main male roles in the big project “Qubool Hai.” But the heads of the series were tired of putting up with the antics of a spoiled star and, in the end, Grover was replaced by a more pliable actor. Fortunately, the notorious fame did not prevent his creative career. Grover has played successfully in several feature films. His most famous works on the big screen are “Hate Story 3” (2015) and “Alone” (2015).

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